Saturday, September 6, 2014

Mini Vaca

After we dropped Josh off at the airport Monday morning, we went home and packed a couple of suitcases.  We figured that since my doctors appointment was Tuesday and we had to drive a few hours north, then we should all go and make it into a mini vacation.  Perfect timing!

 We found this park in Ellenton.  It had a lot of ropes activities.  It was soooo hot, so I'm thankful for a cooler with water!

 My Micah is still trying to figure out slides.  This one was quite high, but he had a great time!

 Even my girls had some fun on the playground!

If you know Patrick and I, we can be a little competitive.  This swinging balance beam looked easy.  But,  it wasn't.  Patrick cheated by holding the top.  He made it part way across.

 I wasn't holding the top to cheat, I was holding on so I wouldn't fall!

We're surviving with our boy being gone.  Tears were pretty close this day and there were a few moments of forgetting that he wasn't there.  Quite often Josh will sit directly behind me in the car.  A lot of times I reach my hand back and he'll hold my hand for a moment.  I started to reach back and realized, "Oh, he's not there."  We'll adjust.  And Josh is doing great in California!!


  1. I'm so glad you all got to have a little get away. That was an excellent idea. I'm continuing to pray for all of you. Glad to hear Josh is doing well. Big hugs!!!!

  2. Kami, you are looking really good! So wonderful to see you able to do things like that rope swing again. God is definitely answering our prayers! Praying for you all and your boy.