Thursday, September 20, 2018

Baker County Fair

*Warning* Tons of fair pictures that will make you wish you lived in a great place like North Central Florida!

Last month we found out about a county near us having their county fair.  I love stuff like this!  And when they advertised $1 night, I knew it was where we wanted to be!

We loaded up the van and headed out to Baker county.  I remember going to the fair as a kid with my parents, and I loved it!  They always had us go through the huge civic center and look at the vendors and craft I kid I thought that took forever!  This fair was no different.  We didn't linger too long, but I did love seeing the gorgeous quilts on display.  I could just picture making this one, but making it with a white stripe down the middle in honor of Josie Pie.  (who is growing quite nicely, I might add!)

You never know what the atmosphere will be like at a county fair.  We were thankful that the Baker County Fair was clean, not too crowded and very family oriented.

We road a few rides first.  Wow, they were fast!  As a kid they didn't go fast enough!  Either the speed of the rides has changed, or it's me. It was a lot of fun and we screamed as it went faster and faster.

Callie has been talking for while a about riding a ferris wheel.  She was so excited to see one there and ride it!

Micah is a motorcycle/dirtbike lover.  When I saw they had a stunt act, I wasn't sure if my baby should see it...he's already too brave and daring!  Needless to say, he loved it!  And his dreams of getting his own dirtbike have grown even more.

Even Liberty loved going to the fair.  She loved the lights, and loved looking at the animals.

And she especially loved having some of Pops funnel cake.  Such greasy, sugary goodness right there!

Such great fun for our family!  I love hearing them all laugh and talk together.  Moments like these really are priceless.


  1. I love your pictures Kami! Your family is adorable! I'm so glad you guys had such a wonderful time!!!

  2. I have to ask the name of the dirt bike stunt act if you remember it - because it looks EXACTLY like the one that was way up in NY when it got rained out here. :-/

  3. Fun memories! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It's always so nice to see a family having fun together and the annual fair is a good, clean way to have fun.