Monday, September 17, 2018

We've got celery!

  I'm loving hearing all the responses to the previous post for homeschooling ideas! So many wonderful ideas! Today in Callie's science class she's learning the parts of a flower and the parts of a plant.  They recommended doing a celery science experiment where you put food coloring in a jar and put the celery stalk in and watch the food coloring gravitate towards the leaves. I remember doing this experiment when I was a kid!

 What is really neat is that we even had celery! We never buy celery. We really aren't fans. I don't use it in cooking.  We don't like to snack on it we just really aren't celery fans ,but for the football game last week I decided to have some celery on the veggie tray for the friends that came over. I just happened to have a few stalks left that we can do this experiment.  How fun!


  1. That experiment does sound like fun!

  2. I loved that experiment! It looks like Micah liked it too!!
    Thanks for sharing!