Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Performing Surgery On Contractions in 4th grade

 I know I've mentioned this before, but I just love Abeka Academy DVDs! I am so thankful for a first class curriculum that my children can watch and gain so much knowledge!

Silas was having a good time in language today. He loves Mrs Tupua! She really does a great job. Today she was teaching on contractions and she put on a surgical mask and stethoscope and performed surgery to break apart 'I' and 'Will' to make I'll. 

 She stitched them back together with an apostrophe. She did this whole skit with the kids in her class and she was the surgeon and the students were the assistants.  It was absolutely adorable and I know my Silas won't forget about contractions. So thankful for great resources for my children for school!


  1. Now, THAT is absolutely genius. I'm so using that in our own homeschool classes.

    **I just noticed the little boys' outfits in your family picture on the sidebar. How sweet?!**

  2. isn't it great when we find something that works so well?