Saturday, October 27, 2018

Great Grandparents again!

I asked my parents to come up for a visit for a Fall Ladies Brunch that I was hosting and also for VSIBC's Roundup Sunday.  I was so glad they could come!!  Joshua and Tabitha also used this time to tell them that they will be great grandparents again!  Yay!

They had my Dad read Liberty the book, "God gave us two."  It was so sweet.  My Dad read and read.  It was my Mom that caught on first. 

Liberty does look a little clueless like she didn't know the news!

It's always a wonderful time when my parents visit.  We treasure every moment!!


  1. So nice to have your mom and dad visit and to share in the good news. I love the look on Liberty's face. She does look surprised, ha ha.

  2. So sweet!!
    Thanks for sharing!