Thursday, October 11, 2018

To Meet A Friend

I began blogging about 10 years ago.  wow!  That's a long time!  Shortly after, I came in contact with another missionary lady that connected me with other missionary bloggers.  It was such a joy and encouragement to me to "meet" other ladies that had my passion and interests.  I formed several friendships, even though I had never met these ladies. 

When we started VSIBC, we knew we wanted to support missionaries right away.  And I knew the family we should start with, The Cormier Family, Missionaries to Kenya. She was a missionary blogger that had become my friend (even though we never met)  My hubby agreed, too, since he loved hearing the updates on this precious missionary family through Jessi's blog.  We began supporting them, but had still never met. When we heard they were taking a furlough, we knew we wanted them to come to our Missions weekend.  We were finally able to meet!  We were so excited and our church family was so excited too!!

We decided to have their family over for ice cream, first, so we could officially "meet."  Isn't it so neat that with some people you just hit it off right away, like you've always known each other?  It was that way when the Gimenez Crew met the Cormier family.  We were kindred spirits and our whole family loved getting to know them!

Missionary kids are so awesome!

Then, we decided to invite our church family over for a picnic and time to get to know the Cormier family.  It was a fun time with BBQ pulled pork, all the sides and wonderful fellowship!

We had several of our ladies make homemade ice cream.  Oh my it was good!!

Then, it was time for Missions Sunday.  I had been teaching in my class about "Building Up a Heart for Missions."  We had been learning all about the missionary families we support, praying for them and coloring their flag.

I love to see children's interest for other countries, how missionaries live and for spreading the gospel!

For the main service our choir sang, "That all may hear"  What a stirring song!

 Then, our youth choir sang, "The Next Generation."  We had been working on this song for weeks and weeks.  They did so good!  I got all teary eyed as they sang.  The words say, "We are the next generation to reach the world for Christ...we pledge to give our lives!"

 Then, the Cormiers played their recorders and sang a special in swahili.  It was soooo good!  I want to buy all of us recorders now!

Brother BJ preached.  You could just see his heart for the deaf in Kenya.  They are doing a mighty work there!  And we are so glad that VSIBC gets to get in on it!

Sunday night Jessi signed for our congregational singing.  I love to watch Sign Language!

It was a weekend I will never forget.  Not only did we get to meet some amazing missionaries, we met some heros, my children made great friends, we bonded with an amazing family that is such an encouragment, we heard about the precious people of Kenya, and our burden for them grew, but I also was privileged to meet my friend.  We had time to spend together (yard saling and lunch, two of my favorites!) and I enjoyed seeing a real Christian.  Her testimony is powerful and her love for Christ is so real.  She's a blessing to me!
So thankful for Jessi!


  1. What a special post and a special time. I am blessed to know that your family and the Cormiers from Kenya got a chance to meet. God is good. Thank you to your church family too for welcoming them, praying for them and supporting them to reach the deaf in Kenya. Hugs. xx

  2. Dear Kami and Family,

    We absolutely loved our time there with your family and your church folks. It was such a blessing to finally meet you all in person. We felt so loved among your people.

    The pastor of the church we are at now asked us what are some of the greatest blessings that churches have done for our family. A lot of things were mentioned by the other missionaries in the conference. I told them about the question game that Bro. Patrick played with the church folks when he asked questions about us and our ministry. It was the first time that that has ever happened, and it made us feel so special that your people knew us so well as their missionary.

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend with all of you. It is a memory that we will not forget.