Monday, February 18, 2019

Homes for the Puppies

Well, it was time.  We needed to find the puppies homes.  To be honest, they were some work!  Adorable work, but work!  I'm happy to say that we found homes for all of them!!  It's neat because some of the people that were complete strangers are now texting me photos of the puppies and telling us how they love them.  That makes me happy. :o) 

There are two homes, however, that the puppies were placed in, that the address looks a little familiar.... 
The first one was for the puppy named Seven.

 After much pleading, Patrick decided to let Beth keep her puupy, Seven.  This big guy was the last to be born and the largest.  This is the one that didn't want to breath at first.  Patrick blew into it's nostrils and then Beth rubbed it for almost an hour until it showed signs of life.  You could say that Beth and this guy have bonded. :o)

For an 8 week old puppy, this guy is huge!

 Yes, he likes her!

She's just not so sure about puppy kisses!

The other home is quite close as well....

 The puppy that we nicknamed "Bear" (because it's cute little bottom looked like a bear) is now named Belle.  And she has found a home with our Liberty Anne (and of course her Mom and Dad)

It's cute to see Liberty with her puppy.  She sort of likes her.  And sort of doesn't.
But, it always makes my heart happy when they come to visit and I see them coming up the stairs of our porch!

Well, that was an experience!  It was fun....not sure we'll do that again.  With the rehoming money that we made, Peaches will have an appointment to be Spayed.  I think she'll like that idea.  After awhile she wasn't too crazy about her own puppies!


  1. Aww! Their so cute!! So glad you found homes for them!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Aw, very cute. Glad two of the pups stayed in the family.

  3. I am glad Beth gets to keep Seven. He is adorable and big! Liberty looks too cute with her pup.