Monday, February 11, 2019

How to encourage a busy beginning reader

My Micah is a busy kid. He's always been active and the type of boy that would love to spend all day outside building forts and getting his hands dirty. He loves an adventure and has a wonderful imagination.

 He does love school but to be honest his learning to read wasn't clicking as quickly as it had for his other siblings. As I started praying that he would catch on in the area of reading, I remembered what we did when Brenna was his age. We decided to have her read her own morning devotions out loud every morning. We would pick two or three verses and she would read. And we watched God bless in so many ways!  Her reading took off in a matter of a month. Now it's hard to get the girl to put a book down!!  :-)

So we decided to try the same thing with Micah.  January 1st I talked to him about setting a goal to read through the Book of John all by himself this year. He was excited to have a Bible reading goal just like the rest of his family. Each day we have sat down and he's read through a verse or two on his own. Now one verse may not seem like much, but for a boy learning how to pronounce things it does take some time.  Although I admit, I love my cuddle time in the morning with my little guy while he reads in the Book of John.

 I also encouraged him that God is going to bless him so much. Well, I feel like we've had that breakthrough that I knew would come. This morning he was reading along not having to sound out so much. And when he came to the word "cometh", he just read right through and said "cometh".  Not an easy word for a first grader! I stopped everything and started hollering you just read "cometh" that you just read "cometh!"

 So proud of my boy reading big words. It was so exciting to see the joy on his face! He doesn't want to stop reading the Bible now! He's loving reading all these big new words. I love how God's Word is so powerful and that when you read it it encourages you and God blesses you for it!

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  1. Amen! Some people think that the King James Version is too hard for kids to understand, but I always remember that It is what kids learned to read with two hundred years ago. And kids were smart back then too, graduating school at age 14 with a grasp of several languages and going to Yale that early.