Friday, February 15, 2019

I Love You Banquet 2019

 The Annual Gimenez "I Love You" Banquet is starting to become one of my favorite family traditions.  We draw names a couple weeks beforehand.  Then the secret keeping begins (sort of!) and we start creating a gift for the person that we drew.  The only rule is that no money can be spent. There's so much giggles and creativity that happens.  I love it!

We start out with a yummy meal together.  This year we decided to go with Coconut Chicken, Oven roasted potatoes, garlic grean beans, and honey glazed carrots....So delicious!!

Then, we start exchanging gifts.  Everyone did such a great job and really thought about what the other would like!
Patrick made Micah a race flag for when he races on his dirt bike.

I made Brenna Coconut Oil Bath melts infused with essential oils.

Josh made Callie breakfast muffins.  Although there were so many M & M's I don't know if it qualified as breakfast!  She was so excited!  She kept out four and froze the rest.  She's been defrosting two every morning for her breakfast and enjoys showing me how much chocolate she gets to eat so early in the morning!

 Beth made Silas some Reeses Cookies.  Goodness. Gracious. I think those are some of the best cookies I've ever tasted!  She also painted him some rocks.  He loves when he finds painted rocks lying around.  Now, he has some he can put in different places himself.

Not too long ago Josh talked about inventing his own ice cream flavor.  It was very detailed with espresso and brownie chunks and a bunch of other goodies.  Tabitha took note of it and created his own ice cream.  It was amazing!!!

Brenna stalked Tabitha's pinterest board and found this adorable painting and decided to recreate it for her.  It's so cute!

 Silas decided to make Liberty some new skirts.  He picked out the fabric from my stash.  I showed him how to cut it and he threaded through the elastic.  He did a great job and the skirts are adorable!

Micah made Beth some homemade shaving cream and some Allergy fighting shower melts.  As he and I were making the melts, they made our eyes water and we breathed amazingly well! :o)  It was a hit with my allergy-suffering Beth!

 And Liberty had my name.  I love the painting she did with her feet.  What a treasure!!

Family is precious....I love making memories with them!

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