Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fall on Storybook Farms

Happy Fall Y'All!  October is here and almost through.  Could it really be fall yet?  In North Central Florida, sometimes it's hard to tell.  We've had the low temps dip into the 50s a couple of days.  It feels wonderful!  But, most of our highs are still in the 80s.  We'll take it though!  It was a super hot summer, and the break from the heat is marvelous!  One way to tell around here that Fall is near is when you see all the pine needles falling.  I love the rusty orange color of pine needles and how they blanket the yard.   It's so pretty!

It's been fun sprucing up a few things and making our outside look a little more fall worthy.

Our pepper plants have been growing like crazy!  As you recall, my husband and I don't do so well growing things.  So, to have something outgrow its pot is amazing.  We priced some large pots and wow, they are expensive!  My creative hubby decided he would build me some instead.  I love them!!

Not too long ago I found these neat plants growing on the side of our porch.  They just came out of nowhere!  My Mom said they are called "Wandering Jew" plants.  Aren't they so pretty?  I decided to transplant some to a few different pots and they are doing great!!

I put some in my pot of Mums.  This is the first year my Mums have done good.  I usually kill them within the first couple of weeks.  But, every year I buy them.  It's tradition!  I think I've figured out a few things on Mums.  They like water.  And in this climate they need water twice a day.  I also waited this year to buy them in October.  I usually get so excited that Fall is on the way that I buy my Mums in August or September.  It's just too hot that time of year and they burn up.  I waited this time and they are doing great!!

I also added the Wandering Jew to Callie's plant that came from my Mom's clipping.  This was a plant that was given to my Mom at my Pap-paw's funeral.  It's so nice to see it thriving and doing so well!


We also found a couple of cute decorative pumpkins.  We choose to not participate in Halloween.  So no jack o lanterns for us.  But, I love to decorate with whole pumpkins.  Micah and I found pumpkins on sale at Aldi's for $2.49.  We bought a couple and he wants to learn how to roast pumpkins so we can make some fresh pumpkin desserts.  So guess what is on the Fall Bucket List? :o)

Sweetie Pie and Josie Pie are growing like crazy.  Still not my favorite animal on this little farm of ours.  But, I'll be happy when we have the bacon!

Our three goats are doing surprisingly well!  We've not done the best with our goats and keep trying to build our little herd.  These three have been growing and doing good.  Our hope is for goat babies soon.  I hate to put them on a deadline, but now is the time! 

So that is what Fall looks like around Storybook Farms. A lot like summer.  With a little chill now and then. And lots of beauty!


  1. I love fall!! Your plants look beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Kami, I think you've done a marvellous job of your deck and decorating outside. The animals are looking healthy too. Good job. Happy Fall.