Wednesday, October 2, 2019

International Missions Dessert Banquet

I can't believe our Missions Month is already over with!  We work so hard and prepare and pray.  God has done so many wonderful things this month at VSIBC!  So thankful for Him working in our church!

We decided to end off our Conference with an International Missions Dessert Banquet.  Right now we support 6 different countries.  (USA included.  We support 5 works in America)  Our ladies signed up to either make a table and display for one of the countries, or to make a dessert from that place.  

My girls and I had fun decorating using our TWAIN theme for the year.  We brought the mountains to us!  I wanted to buy some decorative rocks for every table, but I had visions of toddlers eating rocks and choking, so I knew that wouldn't work.  When I found candy rocks, I knew that was perfect.  It was sort of funny though.  Not everyone realized they were actually chocolate until my husband had everyone try one! :o)

The tables turned out wonderful!  Of course I chose to do the table about Kenya and my favorite missionaries, the Cormier family!

We had amazing missionaries for our Conference!  We invited Allen and Patti Saunders, they are called to help hurting churches stay open.  What an amazing ministry!  We also had in Jason and Jessica Stanley, missionaries to Spain.  It was so exciting to hear about their desire to reach the people of Spain!

As everyone arrived for the banquet there was so much excitement!  We were all ready to try the different desserts and to hear more about missions.  It was a great evening!

We also asked Brian and Victoria Stanley to join us for the evening.  Brian is brother to Jason and they, along with their wives, sing together.  Their music is such a blessing!  We all enjoyed it so much!

 It was such a great evening!  The desserts were wonderful!  The preaching was convicting!  And the people of Victory Springs' faith grew!  We almost doubled our Faith Promise Missions commitment for this next year! My husband ended the service by asking both missionary families if they would be willing to represent VSIBC in the ministries God has called them to.  We were so thankful to take them on for monthly support!  God is so good!  We now support 12 missions works at VSIBC for $100 a month.  It's amazing!


  1. Praise God for the increased giving to missions. I love missions day at churches.

  2. That is so awesome!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!