Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Your Home a Haven for Fall

I love Fall. This time of year is my favorite!  I love the cooler temps, beautiful colors,  pumpkin spice everything, and get togethers with family.  I just love Fall! 

I love to decorate my home every year around this time.  But, I've been thinking about it more lately as to why I do this.  Why have a rubbermaid of pretty things to only bring out for a couple of months a year?  Why go through the house and box some things up just to take out others? Why bother?

 As keeper of my home, it's my responsibility to make this place our haven. We find many references in scripture to this.  Titus 2:5 speaks of women being the "Keepers at home" and the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs 31 looks well to the ways of her household.  I truly believe that one of the ways to do this is to keep things fresh, clean, and ready for the season.  It makes my children excited for the upcoming days and how things look in our home!  Children need the security of knowing that their Momma loves her home and wants to make it beautiful for their Daddy, and for them as well. 

I have found that to do this it takes just a little planning, a little creativity, and a love for my home.  I have also found that it does not take a lot of money.  It really doesn't!  It also doesn't take an updated, everything-perfect home.  We've decorated in rental homes, duplexes, mobile homes....wherever we were together was our home! My children are very quick to pick up on the attitude that I have for the house God has me in.  If I always see the room that needs to be painted, the door that is falling off the hinges and the dirty-needing-to-be-replaced carpet, then I've missed it!  I've missed the beauty of a place where my children pillow their head at night.  I've missed the place where they will look back with memories (whether fond or sad.)  Look beyond what needs to be done and see the potential your home has!  When you see it and embrace it, your family will too!

As I decorated this year, I intentionally mostly used things I already had.  I bought a few small things, but used a lot of stuff from years before.  I also used other decorations that weren't necessarily for Fall, like the silver tray and glass cake stand.

Dollar Tree also has so many cute pumpkins, candles and decorations!

It was also fun bringing out some buffalo check.  Beth had been given a fleece buffalo check throw that she let me use.  And I had a buffalo check scarf.  I also found 2 pillow covers for $5 each at Hobby Lobby.  I think it all goes together very well!

My family was so excited when they saw the decorations.  I had a few projects for them to help me with, too.  One inexpensive thing Callie did for me was so layer a glass vase with green and red lentils and white beans.  She then tied some raffia around it and Voila!  Adorable!
The important thing is that they love their home and how it looks.  They knew they had a part in it, too. 

In the front of my Bible I have my Lifetime Goals listed.  One of them is to make my home my family's haven.  This is one way of how it happens.  So thankful to be the Keeper of my home!  God is so good!


  1. Well said Kami! I think some people go way too far in decorating to be honest. But I do believe that is very important to have a clean and cosy home however humble it may be. The mother's touch is adding loving touches for the seasonal holidays is also important. It creates good or bad memories for the children and if done with love can bring a sense of peace and security and joy to them which will last them for a lifetime. I remember one Christmas especially well. I was very young and it has stayed in my memory for my lifetime. Many years ago I was discussing it with my dear late mom and she shared how that Christmas was especially difficult in terms of cash flow. I never had a clue as I remember it as a very special Christmas given the effort she made with the little she had. It doesn't take a lot to show one's love and care. God bless you for your heart of homemaking.

  2. Wow this really made me think. Since we have been living in this apartment, I have not hung pictures or really decorated but more than that to think of my attitude and how it is. Thanks for sharing your home and heart.