Thursday, November 7, 2019

Michigan, here I come!

So thankful that God opened up the opportunity for me to head to Michigan for a few days. Michigan is where I was born and where my Mam-maw, Aunt Robin and some extended family live. Its always so nice to visit! It was exciting to see the weather reports ahead of time. Is snow in my future?
My first flight left super early. I had to be at the airport by 3:30am. Yikes! While in the airport I decided to study some verses I want to memorize. Having them written on 3x5 cards makes it so easy to take them out and study at any time.
During my layover in Atlanta I stopped for coffee and an egg bite. So much hustle and bustle in the Atlanta airport.

I love having a window seat. God's creation is beautiful!!
Callie sent me with a bag with instructions to not open until on the plane. She colored some beautiful pictures and made me a pretty bracelet. I feel so loved!

I also found a new snack I love. Dollar Tree sells Wiley Wallaby black licorice. If you love black licorice you've got to try them! So Yummy!!
The flights were wonderful. Can't waot3 for a wonderful week in Michigan!


  1. Have a wonderful visit in Michigan. I see out your plane window that the weather still looks very nice but perhaps that was when you were flying over Florida. I am not a big fan of black licorice though from time to time I buy a mixed bag of different colour licorice. Then I do enjoy the occasional black one in the mix. It was very sweet of Callie to make you some thing special for your trip. xx

  2. Have a great visit with your family!!!
    Praying for you!!!!