Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Shopping in my Aunt's Closet

 When I was little we would visit Michigan in the summer. We would come for a couple weeks and see as much family as we could. It was always when the family reunion was, so I saw many many cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a time I looked forward to all year!

 It was also a couple weeks before school would start. My Aunt Robin would always bring me and my sisters back to her house. She would sit us down on the couch and one by one she would bring out outfit after outfit for each of us. She would buy so many wonderful things for us!

My Aunt Robin has always been so giving to us and has earned the nickname Mama Michigan to my sisters and me. When she brought me back to her house on this trip I sort of had an idea what was going to happen :-) This past summer all three sisters of my sisters were here for the reunion. Unfortunately I couldn't make it. But while they were here she had them shop in her closet. My Aunt Robin loves name brand purses. So she decided to let each of my sisters pick out whatever purse they wanted. So I was secretly hoping I would get the same joy!

Well I was right!She brought out every purse that she had even the one she was carrying. She said I could pick whichever one I wanted. The only stipulation was I had to always carry the matching wallet with a matching purse. What a wonderful stipulation!

 I have to say I was quite indecisive and went back and forth and back and forth. But finally decided on this gorgeous Michael Kors purse with matching wallet. I think I made a pretty good choice! This was so sweet of her! Love you Mama Michigan!

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  1. Your aunt Robin sounds like the sweetest aunt ever. How generous of her too. I mean to let you even choose the hand bag she was using if you wanted it. What a loving person that makes her. I like the choice you've made with the Michael Kors bag. I like it a lot.