Friday, November 22, 2019

Roasting Micah's Pumpkin

A couple months ago, amidst my port troubles, the doctor put me on a weight lifting restriction of 5 lbs.  Not very much!  It made it necessary to have a grocery shopping buddy with me so they could lift the heavier things such as water bottles, meat or dog food.  On one of my trips to the store, Micah was my buddy.  He is always so helpful!  While shopping he spotted a huge pumpkin and wanted to buy it.  I didn't think it was such a good idea for a couple of reasons.  
1.  We don't carve jack-o-lanterns.  
2.  I couldn't lift it.

He explained that he was strong and could carry it.  And he also said he would love to learn how to roast a pumpkin to make fresh pumpkin pie.  Pretty neat ideas for a 7 year old!  I was up for the challenge! ;o)  So, we came home with a giant pumpkin.  It was so cute seeing him put it in the cart 
and help me carry it.  What a gentlemen!

This past week we finally got around to roasting our pumpkin.  I remember my Mom roasting pumpkin seeds and I loved them, so I knew we wanted to do that.  Micah and Callie had fun getting all the seeds out!

They loved the seeds!  So yummy!
Then, we roasted the huge chunks of pumpkin.  I know that a smaller pumpkin is supposed to yield better pumpkin for baking, but we went for it anyway.  After roasting it, I strained the liquid for several hours.  

Then, it was baking time!  I love using the Eagle Brand recipe for pumpkin pie.  So delicious!  Micah was an awesome helper and the pie was soooo amazing!  He's definitely started a new tradition around here!  And I'm excited to have about 10 bags of pumpkin ready to go in the freezer!