Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pancake Buffet Ladies Fellowship

I love when the ladies of VSIBC get together.  When God put on our heart to plant a church in High Springs, I knew I wanted the ladies ministry to be special. I knew I wanted us to get together often.  I knew I wanted it to be an encouraging and uplifting time.  I knew I wanted it to not feel like the same type of meeting month to month that ladies felt obligated to go to...I wanted them to look forward to it! I knew I wanted it to be a time where we talk specifically about topics for ladies and to receive instruction from God's Word.  And I knew I wanted it to be fun: lots of laughing required! Ladies need that time together!
 This past meeting was all of the above!  We had such a great time together!  We decided to have a pancake buffet.  I had ladies sign up to bring all kinds of toppings and mix-ins for pancakes.  We had it all....strawberries, chocolate chips, nutella, peanut butter, banana, nuts, cheesecake, brownies, caramel, whipped cream, maple syrup...everything you could think of! 

Then, I had one of our amazing bakers make her homemade pancake batter.  We had 4 griddles hot and ready to go.  The ladies then grabbed a cup and filled it with the toppings or mix ins for their pancakes. 

Then, they went to the griddle and baked up their own pancake.  We had every flavor imaginable!! 

We cooked, and ate, and cooked and ate.  It was great!!

Once our tummies were incredibly full, we had some fun games.  I found this one, where you put unusual things about yourself on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl.  The object is to try and guess who wrote each paper.  I think we could have played this all night!  It was great!
 We also played this stacking game where you have to put candy corn between the cups and bowls.  Our ladies are quite competitive and are proud of their wins! :o)

But, my favorite time is when we open God's Word.  The people of VSIBC truly have a love and desire to learn as much as they can.  Something special is really happening here in High Springs!  I taught on Joy.  I'll share the lesson soon here on my blog. 

I'm so thankful for the Ladies God has called me to.  I love them dearly and blessed to be their Pastor's wife!

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  1. It sounds like lots of good clean fun, mixed in with the Word of .Such a blessing to everyone involved I'm sure.