Friday, June 11, 2021

Freedom Joy is 2!

Our Freedom Joy just turned 2!! And what a joy she truly is to our family! 

She's talking more and more and I love it!  Although she still uses one word type sentences.  She will say, "Libby.  Play." which means her and Liberty were playing together.  or "Momma.  Bow." which means her Momma put a bow in her hair.   I just love it!!

We all ohhhed and awwed with her as she opened her gifts.

 When asked what kind of birthday she wanted, she told her Momma "Blue!"  That's her favorite color.  So Tabitha made the most yummiest blue ice cream.  It was soooo good!! It had chips ahoy and oreos all through it.  It was so creamy and so good!

 Birthdays are special around here and I love it when we all get together!

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