Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ministry Refresher

Patrick and I were so blessed to be able to attend the Ministry Refresher Institute hosted by Southwest Baptist Church (Home of Heartland Bible College) in Oklahoma City.  It was such a great few days for us!

Of course since Covid, travelling is a little different.  But, we made the best of it!  We had an early flight out of Gainesville,

Then a layover in the busy Dallas Airport...

Then to the Wil Rogers Airport in OKC!

We were excited to be able to have some Braum's Ice Cream while we were there.  Braums is a place we enjoyed in our Carthage days, so we knew we needed to have some good ice cream while we were there!

The church really spoiled us and fed us well! 

We also ventured out and saw a few sights in the area. We drove to Stockyards City for dinner and to look around.

And with Taco Trucks on EVERY corner we knew we needed to try some street tacos! Anyone else have a love for taco trucks like we do?  Also, this may sound strange, but I had the best carrots I've ever had from this truck.  I think they were pickled.  I am now in search of a recipe, they were soooo good!

 The Conference was absolutely amazing.  The sessions they had were directly aimed for the Preacher and his wife.  I loved hearing the ladies speak concerning issues that I face on a daily basis as the Pastor's Wife.  It was encouraging, uplifting and convicting.  I walked away with so many quotes!!  

I learned things like:
"Give Patrick the gift of humanity.  Don't expect him to be perfect."  Isn't this so true!?  Just because I'm married to the Pastor doesn't mean I have a perfect husband.  I'm not perfect.  So I shouldn't think he is either.

"Don't balance ministry and family, Blend them!"  We have found this to be so true and it's so fun to serve God together!

"It will be worth it all, but it's truly worth it all right now!"  And that is so true as well.  I have much to be thankful for living this life as the Preacher's wife!

We had a wonderful time and even enjoyed some Phase 10 during our layover on the way back.  It was a great time to refresh and enjoy some time with my sweetie!

Now we're working hard to finish up school and getting ready for a great summer!

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