Monday, August 23, 2021

Preparing, Sampling, and getting ready!

I put on facebook the other day how most people sample cakes prior to their wedding to decide their wedding flavor.  Not my Brenna.  :o)  We have been sampling chip dips! It has been so fun!!

Brenna wants the ceremony to be sweet and very symbolic.  She's incorporated many personal touches and it is going to be so unique and memorable.  But for the reception, she just wants it pure fun!  So she decided to have a chip dip bar.  I think we've narrowed it down to 4 dips that we will have.  She also wants a soda bar with cherry and vanilla syrups.  It will be so fun!

Beth and Brenna have been looking at different music and are planning the ceremony.  I love to see the bond the two of them have.

 Tomorrow will make one month until my baby girl is Mrs. Blankenship.  We are planning and preparing for the big day!


  1. How unusual and fun for all! It will definitely be a special day.

  2. Plans sound great! I love it when couples put their own stamp on their ceremony.