Thursday, May 11, 2023

Decisions on Storybook Farms

I mentioned a couple of months back about making some tough choices for Storybook Farms and our little goat herd.  We decided that we do want to go the registered route with our mini nubians.  That meant that some goats stay (like Jenna) and some had to go (like Trixie).  It wasn't the easiest thing, but we are moving forward to develop our little herd.  And hopefully help our Silas in his little business.

First we decided to buy Caliope Jane.  She is gorgeous!!!!  Aren't her colors beautiful!  She has that gorgeous nubian like roman nose.  And blue eyes. :)
Her only drawback is her airplane ears that most mini nubian breeders do not want.  But, she was such a sweetheart and with so many other good qualities, we knew she would be a good fit for us.

And she has been!  We just love her!   We let her get used to our little farm for a couple weeks, then we introduced her to Sherlock.  Hopefully some gorgeous spotted babies will arrive in August or September!

Then, Winnie gave birth to a big buckling.  It was her first time to deliver and she is doing really great!  We named her boy Ranger.  Isn't he so cute!?

I just love his cute colors!  Unfortunately, he will be finding a new home in the next couple of weeks.  We can't keep all the bucks.  For now we are going to keep two.  We decided to find Sherlock a new home, too.

We picked this cute guy to be our new "Herd Sire"  Eventually he will be the sire to our new babies.  But, for now, he's a baby himself.  He has blue eyes and gorgeous moonspots.  Can you tell we like spots around here??

He is probably one of the sweetest goats ever.  He loves attention!!  We named him Crusoe.

Then, Polly gave birth to a male and a female.  Of course she waited until I was gone and in the airport!  I was thankful for many updates along the way!

The light colored female looks just like Ranger!  We named her Lady Kluck.  The boy is so cute with his brownish red coloring and white spots!  We named him RobinHood.

Lady Kluck will be looking for a new herd once she is weaned.  She isn't registerable, so she didn't make the cut.  She is so cute and sweet, I know she will make a great goat for someone.

Since we have Crusoe, we decided he needed a herd companion.  He won't be with the ladies until breeding season.  So we decided that we will keep RobinHood for his friend.  Isn't he cute!?

And then we added one more (for now :o)  We just picked up Tiger Lily.  She has those gorgeous, pendulous ears we are wanting!  She's also....moonspotted. :o)

Silas wanted to add some red to our herd, so I think he did great in his choice!

Lots of happenings around Storybook Farms.  We are having the time of our lives!!

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  1. You have lots going on with the goat herd. There are a lot of beauties there and the little kids are so very cute!