Wednesday, May 24, 2023

To Stand for Righteousness

I love the place that God has called us to.  I drive down the streets and think, "This is where I get to live?!"  I love it.  I love how we are still somewhat country.  Our town is growing and people are coming our way, but there is still a sense of country life.  It's a normal thing to see a tractor going down the road or a cow that has escaped and is trying to be coralled on the side of the road.  We have a farmers market with locally grown goods.  We have 2 street lights in High Springs and 1 in Fort White  We are small town America.  And we love it!

So when we heard through the grapevine that some changes were being discussed at a Council Meeting for the city of High Springs, our ears perked up.  For now our town prohibits the sale of alcohol after midnight and on Sundays until 1pm.  It should stay that way.  When Christians stay silent in our community, the laws and codes will be changed.  A Christian's voice should be heard!  

So, my amazing preacher/hubby announced to VSIBC that we should make our voice heard at the meeting.  He encouraged all those that could go, to be there to support our laws staying the same.  We don't need any more hours of alcohol sales in our town.

I love our church family!  We met at the church and walked together to the City Hall. 

Even Asa came along!

We had our people all waiting outside until this ordinance was brought to the table.  What is interesting is that we had a few people that waited inside, too.  The bar owners in our town didn't realize that.  When our church came and waited outside, they saw us.  "Oh no, the church people have showed up!"  That just makes me giggle for some reason.  They began to make sure they all had their arguments in place to argue anything we brought up.  They were getting a little nervous.

We waited and waited.  And if you know our church, we enjoyed the fellowship in the process!

Then it was time to go in.  Our City Hall is so small we couldn't all fit!

I was proud of my husband as he led the way.  He stated that he has counseled families that deal with tragedies because of alcohol.  No good can come from alcohol.  Why make it more readily available at such a late hour and on Sundays?

Joshua brought the statistics of alcohol related crimes and accidents in other counties during the time frames the sales would be made.  It was powerful!

 Even my Beth spoke to have her voice heard that she is against making the change of the ordinance.

Praise the Lord our voice was heard!   For now this subject has been tabled!  I can only imagine how different it would have been if VSIBC hadn't shown up.  Christian, don't be silent!  The other crowd of bar owners and liquor store owners made sure to be there.  We have a responsibility to stand for righteousness!!


  1. I know you have to be so proud of your family! I'm glad that your church showed up! a lot of the issues in our day and time I think come from the church being silent! I'm glad you all spoke up! I'm so glad God is blessing your congregation! I've enjoyed following along!

  2. True. I hope you're boycotting Target as well!

  3. Praise the Lord! This was such a blessing to me, especially the part where Beth stood up to say something. She has the same personality I do, so I know what it takes to do something like that. So proud of her!

  4. Wonderful public and Christian service by your church family. God bless you all.