Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bean Picking

A few days ago our landlord came by and showed me something and said "feve" That isn't a word in my french vocabulary, yet, but I realized when he held up a yellow bean that "feve" means beans. He told us he has plenty in his garden if we would like to pick some. I said "Sure!"

Brenna was standing by me and was so excited to go and pick some beans. As we picked she was remembering the time Mam-maw took her to Aunt Nema's to pick beans. She said she could pick beans everyday she loves it so much. I just smiled as I remembered my bean picking experiences. In the summers, when we would go visit Mam-maw and Pap-paw, we would help them in the garden to prepare for the Farmer's Market. I don't think I was a very good picker. I always seemed to have the fewest beans and Pap-paw would show me where I sort of made a mess of the plant. "Overturned it" We would work for some of the morning, then Mam-maw would bring us lunch and we would eat in the backyard. Those were the best sandwiches, sweet tea, with fresh tomatoes. MMMM! I can still hear Pap-paw giving his "Whew" sound and acting silly. Then, he would always look out of the corner of his eye to see if I was watching. If I was, he might sing the Beans, Beans the Vegetable Fruit song, or Ting Tang Watta Watta Bing Bang. Then, if there was picking left (there always seemed to be) we would get back to work. I loved the Friday afternoons when my Aunt Robin would come and "rescue" us. We'd have to hurry inside and shower, then it would be a night on the town! I used to think it was such hard work picking vegetables. But, I would love to go back once more and "overturn" Pap-paw plants, let him show me how to do it right, have Mam-maw's amazing lunch and see Pap-paw make me giggle. I had a good time telling Brenna about my Bean Picking Experiences. She picked plenty of beans for us, then we went inside and cooked them to have with our dinner.

Brenna asked if I could please not cook her portion. She'd much rather eat raw beans. Is that healthy? I think the rest of the day I'll probably have "Beans, Beans, Vegetable Fruit" stuck in my head!


  1. You about made me cry! It makes me miss Pap-paw! I don't have as many bean picking memories as you do, but remember those milk crates we would sit on?!?! Ouch!! I used to love Pap-paw's songs. I sing some of them to the kids. Brenna is right! Beans taste better raw!!

  2. i am crying. i remember those days so well... i miss pappaw so much. even now. i wish i would have went to see him when he was sick just to tell him how much i love him. he was such a hard worker, and rod too! they could pick circles around me. i would love to go back for a day of picking and mammaws lunch, just to look around and appreciate everything.

  3. I remember we would play games while pickng. -like the abc game or who am I.

    Those were good times!

    We were lucky to spend so many summers there.

  4. O.K. girls, now you're making me cry. Who would have ever thought that we would one day want to go back to bean picking day and the Market day. Boy, that was such hard work but we were always rewarded with something fun at the end of the day. And just to be able to work together would be a great day. Wait what am I saying. I meant just to be together. I'm getting a little more like Mam-maw....anyone want to come over and sit out on the swing with me? I could try to fix some ice tea like hers. :-)
    I miss my Dad too. It's funny how certain things will jolt a memory. And I love Mothers lunches of fresh veggies....and Bill's hot dogs too. I wonder what Robin would plan for us to do. Thanks for the memories girls, I sure do love you.
    Love, MOM
    I think the post before me is suppose to be Tabitha not Timothy, I don't remember Mark being there to pick beans. :-)

  5. That timothy post is me (Tabitha), but in college he did pick beans, and apples.