Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Silas's New Carseat

Silas had started to really outgrow his carrier/carseat. We decided to do a little yard saling to look for some winter items we need and a carseat for him. We were able to find a nice carseat with a good price! When we got home Patrick took it completely apart and scrubbed it from top to bottom. He threw the cover in the washer and hung it out to dry on the clothesline. When we put Silas in his new carseat, he was very excited. He began to kick and laugh. Of course, all 5 of us were there watching to see his reaction. I think he likes facing forward.
I do have to admit. It was a little bit of a hard step for me. When Sunday morning came, I told Patrick I changed my mind and wanted to keep Silas in his carrier a little longer. Patrick's back was turned, but I'm positive he rolled his eyes. You can sense things like that, you know. Each step of growing up is so exciting in a mother's eyes, but it can also be a little heart breaking, too. Each new step is a step towards independance and not needing Mommy quite as much. I know, I know, he's still a baby. I'm just realizing how time goes by quickly. Life is truly like a vapor. It seems like we were just promoting Josh out of his carrier! I'm trying to remember to "redeem the time" and enjoy every moment that God gives me with my children.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. They grow up so fast. Before you know it. It's like you turn around and another year has gone by. But you still have all the memories.
    Have Fun with every phase.

  2. True, true! Time flies too fast. Love the picture of him in the car seat. It looks as if he likes it a lot!

  3. Ditto to your mom & Tay's comments... I can't believe Daniel is turning 3 in October... makes me want to adopt all the more (not needing a baby, but a 1 year old would be great)!! Enjoy these times... LOVE the Family Fun Night post too (I'm sure you're ALL excited about school starting again) and the chocolate cheese--could you please send some to your mom and sisters in Ft. Myers, by the middle of September (we'll be visiting Sept 19--would LOVE to taste it, but I don't think we'll be able to make it to Canada any time soon--except for the one in EPCOT)! :)