Monday, January 18, 2010

5 below!

Last week when it was time to leave for school, Patrick looked at the thermometer and it was 5 below 0 (farenheit!) Whew! It was very cold. Silas was already wearing his thermal long sleeved onesie, long johns and his flannel lined overalls. He normally wears a very thick one-piece coat that makes him sort of look like the Michelin Man. It's very thick and fluffy. But, on that morning we decided to pull out his snow suit. The poor little man couldn't even move! When we buckled him up in his carseat we had to loosen the belts a little so he would fit. He didn't cry, but didn't crack a smile the whole way to school. He might not have been thrilled with the snow suit, but he was definitely warm!


  1. David bought a similar one yesterday to hunt in and looks about the same. :)
    so glad y'all have found the necessary clothing to keep warm!

  2. BRRRR. Wait till you get here and can walk out the door without all the hat mittens scarf snowsuit etc etc etc. :-)