Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're heading to Florida!

Ever since Silas was born he's had a clogged tear duct in his right eye. About half the time he wakes up with it matted shut. Then, the rest of the time it's pretty yuck and drippy. He's not all that crazy about us wiping his eye all the time. We've done everything we've been told...warm cloths, massages....but, to no avail. When he was first born we took him for checkups to Dr. Ritrosky in Fort Myers. He said to give it time, these things usually clear up. If not, we'll go see a Pediatric Opthamologist around 9 months. Since we've moved to Canada we've been going to see a family Doctor in Maine about 2 hours from here. We really like Dr. Doyle. She said the same thing as Dr. Ritrosky...time. Then, when it didn't clear up she said she would like for us to go see a doctor in Waterville Maine and he will do the surgery to unclog his tear duct. After calling Dr. Ritrosky and thinking through our options (Waterville, Maine is about 5-6 hours from here, it's a little mountainous, and it's the winter!) we decided it would be much cheaper for me and Silas to fly home to Florida to have the surgery done. So, our consult with Pediatric Opthamologist, Dr. Bourgon is scheduled for Monday, clearance from our Pediatrician on Tuesday, pre-op on Wednesday and surgery on Thursday. But, Praise the Lord!, we think his eye may be better! On Saturday it all of a sudden stopped getting goopy! It looks better than it ever has before! Yay! We're praying that he won't need the surgery after all....just a sunny break in Southwest Florida instead! We will still have our consult with Dr. Bourgon, but please be praying with us that there will be no surgery!

I'm excited to fly with my little guy and I think he has some excited Grandparents wanting to see him! These are the conditions we will be leaving....gorgeous snow, and 5 below! Wonder what it will be like in Florida? Please be praying for us and our appointments (and for me to finish my homework while in FL. Madame Claire gave me a bunch to do!)

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