Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Blogging Bug

We've officially been bit! It all started over 2 years ago when my sister, Tabitha started her blog. I loved reading all of her updates and seeing gorgeous pictures of my nieces and nephews. It made me feel closer to home and more up to date with what is going on in my family. Then, my other sister Taylin started one also. I wasn't going to get involved. I decided I would just keep sending out pictures via email every so often, but then......I couldn't resist! I just decided I would try it....and I loved it! I was easily able to share tidbits of our day with my family that we feel so far away from. I also loved finally being able to journal like I want to. During deputation I kept up with our family photo albums so well. I had never kept up with them real well in the past like I had wanted to. Now, that's not happening so much. With my blog I feel like I can keep a better pictoral record, like an album.

Shortly after I began my blog a church contacted us and said they would like to somehow have weekly updates of our family. We send out prayer letters every other month, but we're thankful for a church that wants to bring our specific needs before the people on a weekly basis! Wow! What an honor! So, Patrick started our family blog for that purpose.

Then, after we moved to Canada, Josh asked if he could start his own blog. We weren't sure at first. We asked him to look at the pros and cons and present them to us so we can discuss them. He had a fabulous list! He had goals of how often he would post and what he wanted to say. We were very impressed and decided to let him have his blog. He's enjoyed posting and sharing things that pertain to a 13 year old missionary kid in training!

Two weeks ago both of our girls asked us if they could have a blog. Their list was a little different than Josh's. They were excited about the creating know, colors and pictures, and they were excited about writing down thoughts, ideas, and crafts they complete. They wanted to have their own "diary" online. We decided to go ahead and say yes, and now they are loving blogging, too!

So, now I have two new blogs on the sidebar if you would like to visit!

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  1. Enjoying all of your blogs! Now all you need is an option to subscribe so that we can get your updates into our inboxes. :) You can do this for free through FeedBurner. (I'm only suggesting because I KNOW I would enjoy it... and others surely would as well!)