Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is It Really Spring?

Happy Spring, Everybody! We think (I need to stress think) that Spring might actually be here in Quebec! We are seeing more signs of Spring now than when we first arrived in Quebec last May. We definitely have Spring Fever. We've had highs in the 50's two days last week. It still gets below freezing or one or two degrees above at night. (Although they are forecasting snow for Wednesday and Thursday with a high of 22) Patrick and Josh took down our storm windows and put back up the screens. Even though it was 50 degrees we had our windows open and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a beautiful day! Now, I'm definitely in the spring cleaning mode....I have my list!
There is still snow around for sure, but it is quickly melting. A lot of our neighbors are shoveling their snow and putting it in the street. Pretty strange, don't you think? Madame Claire says that is actually prohibited in Quebec. As you can see in the picture, our snow is melting with a few patches left.

Silas loves to be outside. But, he's not all that crazy about touching the grass or the snow. When he does, he looks over his hand very well and doesn't really like it when it's all dirty. That's exactly how my Elisabeth was at this age!

We're seeing signs of spring around our house. The tulips and daffodills are starting to come up! Yay! They are some of my favorite flowers! (Birds of Paradise are actually my very favorite, but I don't think you'll find those here!) Our landlord takes care of all the yard and plants. He came over today and told us he's planting a garden in our yard again this year and it's all for us! Yippee! Last year he planted lots of tomatoes and beans and his blueberry bushes had very sweet blueberries. Patrick and Brenna have always loved to garden, so they will love to be able to pick some fresh stuff for our meals this summer.

Our maple tree is starting to bud! And, it's leaving drops of sap all over our van and porch.

Here is Josh's birdhouse. It's lived through a Florida winter, and a lonely Quebec winter. I don't think it received any visitors this winter :o) Now, we're seeing lots of chickadees in our yard and hearing birds singing. I love it! I love spring. I think it's my favorite season....after autumn, of course!


  1. I love the second to last picture, the one of Silas.

    It was in the 70's most of the week, and then cooler and rainy on Saturday and some snow and 40 on Sunday. :) I hope y'all didn't get hit with that cold!

    Bri and Van were here with me this weekend. Bri is so grown up and Van is still Van. I don't know if she will ever grow up :)

  2. Hi Kami, I'm just catching up on your blog and just wanted to say what a blessing you are to me. It is such an encouragement to read what is going on with you. I especially loved your post about missionary very true. It reminded me of when we were growing up. It also was a good reminder for me to be more vigilant with my own children now. Esp. the older ones. Even though they do get the church services/spiritual encouragement in English it is too easy to not be in tune to what is going on in their hearts and lives if we aren't careful. You are all in our prayers. Love you. Jessica

  3. Our weather must be very similar to yours... If you look at a globe, you will see that Ukraine is about the same longitude-wise as the place where the USA meets Canada. Our yard looks exactly like yours... little patches of snow, but oh, how we are enjoying the Spring starting to show its beautiful self! Enjoy your Spring!