Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Date Night Challenge

A couple of weeks ago my sister, Taylin, issued a challenge on her blog. I posted about it, and said that "I'm in!" So, it was off to my closet to figure out what I could use. I actually found two things!

Challenge #1

My favorite shirt to wear when I was pregnant was a cute gray and black Liz Lang top from Target. I still had it folded in the top of the closet. Since I'm definitely not "with child", I decided I needed to do something to make this a top I can wear now.
First, I cut off the bottom to make it a not-so-maternity length.
Then, I did several darts from the bottom up to the top. I took up some on the sides, and made two pleats at the top.

I like how it turned out! Very cute and I think I'll get more wear out of it this way.

Challenge #2

I decided to redo the shirt that I bought to wear in my parents rehearsal. It's very cute, but it was much more flattering on my sisters than it was on me. Plus, I needed to make it a bit more island friendly. ( I hate to sweat!)
So, first I chopped off some of the bottom to put it at a little more flattering of a length.

Then, I chopped off the sleeves. On the bottom and the sleeves I used a decorative stitching. ( I sure do love my sewing machine!)

Then, it was off for a date. Well, it wasn't exactly a date, like out to dinner type date, but Patrick and I spent some time running to a couple of stores together. I love my time with my man, and we still laugh and have fun together. I love it!
Great idea, Tay! Now, I'm ready to go through my closet and see what else I can redo!!

HHMMMMM....I think it worked!


  1. Now that's crafty and making the old new; I like it and God bless

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  3. Great job, Kami! Can you fix my blue shirt too!! :) I love them both!

  4. I love them both. Great Job!!!

  5. Just getting caught up on your blog and saw this post. Adorable! I LOVE both of the remakes!