Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Conference in Tampa

I haven't blogged for a week because we've been at a great conference in Tampa! It was such a good week. The dear people of Southside Baptist Church truly spoiled us! We stayed at Hope Children's Home and they have such beautiful property. They said for us to enjoy the grounds and play on the playgrounds and with all of the bicycles. The kiddos had such a great time!

The church provided for every single one of our needs. Dinner every night was very delicious. On Friday they took us to Lowery Park Zoo. It was such a great park! Then, they celebrated my dear Beth's birthday a little early and had cupcakes, a balloon, and a card with some cash! How thoughtful!

Thank you, Southside Baptist Church! It was a great Conference!


  1. Thanks for your blog! We also do a daily blog and we have done so for almost every day that we have been out of the States since 2001. Keep up the good work and tell your friends to follow us.

  2. I love it when churches spoil their missionaries. So happy you all had a good time and the kids got to play with so many others. Wish I could go bike riding with them too.