Thursday, March 17, 2011

We have an exciting announcement!

So, how many of you thought I was going to announce another Gimenez on the way? :o) Ha!
We've found and rented a house! Yay!We are so excited about this house! It's within our budget! Super yay! It's a two bedroom home, so squeezing 5 kiddos in one bedroom may be a little challenging, but we've come up with some creative ideas. The kids are excited to create their own space. We're planning on getting two sets of bunk beds and a portable crib. The bedroom is about 11'5" x 10'5". Which is actually one of the bigger bedrooms we've seen. The kitchen is also large with lots of cabinets. I love that it has a huge porch! I can see us eating breakfast out there and maybe a hammock too!
It is on a busy road, but it is surrounded by a small cement wall. We're thrilled to be able to have a small yard which seems to be pretty rare in St. Barths. Josh can't wait to put up a basketball hoop, since our driveway is also cement.
We're so excited to see God's hand working for us. He provided this place for us! How neat!
Pray for us as we need to decide exactly when to leave (we begin paying rent April 1st). We also are praying for the Lord to provide for a few of our needs before we leave.
Don't ya just love our place!


  1. that's the announcement I was hoping for! I rejoice with you! Our God is good.

  2. Praising God with you. If God gave it to you, then it's going to be perfect for your family. Isn't it good to know that? Blessings...Pamela

  3. Praise God!!!! Love the house and can't wait to come and visit.
    I know the kids are going to love their bunk beds and their private little room. :-)

    but one thing....
    Please PAINT!

  4. And Yes! I think you will be making that announcement soon. :-)

  5. I'm SO excited for you! It is adorable and I love the little porch. Will be praying for you all as you get ready to leave.