Friday, March 4, 2011

Such a good helper!

Not a whole lot to post about this week. We've been hit with a good round of the stomach flu since we came back from Florida's East Coast Monday. It seems like we get sick every two weeks now with some sort of bug. You can count on it, if my family plans a big family get together, we'll be sick! Not fun when you're wanting to enjoy as many family get togethers as possible! We're anxious to also keep on the road and visit/revisit as many churches as possible. It's exciting seeing the Lord open up doors for us. Please pray for us that we will be wise in this next month. There are so many decisions to make and we want to have the mind of Christ. We want to wait for His perfect timing in our decisions, but we're ready, too!

So, I thought I would post some cute pics of my dear Silas being my sweet helper. He is doing sooo much right now! His vocabulary has grown so much and he is such a copy cat!

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