Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Elisabeth!

On Monday, my sweet Elisabeth turned 13. I now have two teenagers in the house! Wow! My teenagers are only 13 and 14, but I can tell you that all the terrible talk about having to live with teenagers isn't true! I'm so blessed to have the two of mine! Elisabeth is such a blessing to me. She's my right-hand girl, always ready to help me with the two babies, getting dinner on the table, and our endless packing rituals.
She still loves to read and does very well in her schoolwork. She's also becoming an excellent cook! I love love love her Potato Chip Cookies!

I'm so thankful for my Elisabeth! She's so thoughtful and caring. I love you, my girl!


  1. Happy Birthday Elisabeth!!! Where has all the time gone?? Seems like you were born just yesterday.
    You're growing into a beautiful young lady. So proud of you.

    Love love love the pictures and I want some copies. :-)

  2. Elisabeth, you look 15 in the pictures. :-)