Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Teenager in the House!

 Today is our sweet Brenna Shay's 13th Birthday!  That makes 3 teenagers in our house! 
 What a joy our dear Brenna is!  She is so much fun and full of creativity and laughter.  If you're around her for a little while, she's sure to have you smiling, she's just that kind of girl!
 She's really amazing me with her musical talent.  I've given her a few piano lessons for the past couple of years.  I wish I could say I've been consistent about it, but I haven't.  In spite of that, she has practiced and blossomed in her piano playing!  She's worked through the books I did when I started taking lessons.  Denise just gave me the Piano Special Book put out by Steve Petit.  In the past month Brenna has played and played in that book.  There are three songs in particular she's working on and almost has them down pat!  Wow!  It sounds so beautiful!  She's also doing great in learning to play Hymns.  Can you tell I'm a little proud of my girl? :o)
 She's a wonderful sister, also and loves to play with her younger siblings.  She's doing a great job teaching them in Sunday School and takes her lessons seriously as if she had a class of 30.  I know she'll reap great rewards one day for the Godly influence she's having on Silas and Callie.
 She started her day with breakfast out with her Daddy.  When they came home it was time for gifts.  She received hand-picked Candy from Silas and Callie, OK Colas from Micah, Highlighters and a pen from Joshua, and tinted lipgloss from Beth.
 Can you see the excitement on her face?  She's a little bit thrilled to be opening more tinted lip-gloss from her Grandparents.  This is the year she's allowed to wear it. We're trying to teach our girls the importance of not growing up too quickly and the lesson of waiting for things.  It's been good for Brenna.  She's looked forward to this day :o) 
 She was pretty surprised when she opened the gift from Patrick and I.  We bought her a Kindle while we were in the states and have hid it from her.  Our three oldest kids are readers, for sure!   Patrick looked up all the books we can download for free (over 40,000!) and was thrilled with the selection!  Patrick and the kiddos love the Rick Brant Series.  They are mysteries similar to the Hardy Boys, but they enjoy these better.  They were written in the 50's  so they're a little hard to find.  Now, Brenna is able to read tons of them!  We also downloaded some of Louisa May Alcott's books.   So, needles to say, my girl is going to be doing a whole of this today....

Reading!  Plus, we'll do a little swimming, watch a movie, play a game, eat some Apple Pie....and with this girl, I know a day full of laughter is sure to come.  I love you Brenna!  Happy Birthday!


  1. Thats my girl!! She has turned into a fine young lady and I too am very proud of her. She is taking my place with your younger ones in the Sunday School class. I'm thankful for that!! Sounds like she is having a great day!!
    God Bless you all
    Mrs. Phillips

  2. Happy birthday to your darling daughter. She sounds like she is growing into a very fine young woman.

  3. It sounds like Brenna is doing great! She is so pretty too. i hadn't heard of the Rick Brant series and now I want to look them up as well. Come see us.

  4. Happy Birthday Brenna!!! I enjoyed reading a little more about you :). The picture of you and Callie is so sweet! May you continue to be a great blessing to your family and glorify God in all you do.