Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day at the Naples Zoo

We had a great time while Mariane and Georges were visiting.  We all went to the Naples Zoo together.

 It was the perfect zoo to take the kids to and enjoy a couple of hours of the fresh outdoors and wild animals.
 We arrived early, so most of the animals were awake and hungry!

 Mariane, Micah and Marc

 Georges, Callie and Joshua

 Silas was so excited to hear they had Cheetahs.  They are his favorite!
 Brenna made sure we followed the map and saw as much as possible.
 Micah pretty much snacked on Froot Loops the whole time.

 You could buy 5 leaves of Romaine lettuce to feed the giraffes.  Silas and Callie loved it!

 Denise and Brenna taking a pitstop.

 Georges and Micah
 Micah's favorite was the playground.
What a beautiful day!

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  1. How fun for everyone. I fed a giraffe pellets once from my hand. It was ticklish. I'm sure the children will remember this fun outing for a long time to come ;-)