Friday, June 12, 2015

Live, Love, Laugh

I heard this sweet conversation from two of my girls not too long ago:

Callie:  Bessy, can I please wear one of your necklaces to church tonight?
Elisabeth:  Which one were you wanting to wear?
Callie:  That one!  (pointing at the silver chain with three silver circle charms that say Live, Love and Laugh)
Elisabeth:  Well....this is a special necklace to me, but I will let you wear it just tonight to church.  
(then, she put it sweetly on her little sister's neck)  
Elisabeth:There are 3 words on it, Live, Love and Laugh.  But, this one is the most important, it says Laugh.  Always remember that.

As I sat there listening, my mind went back about 10 years ago to the conversation Elisabeth had with her Grandpa when he gave her the necklace.  As he put it on her neck, he said the same exact words to my Beth that she said to Callie. "Live, Love, Laugh, but always remember this one...always remember to laugh."  What a precious memory for my girl that she has cherished.

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  1. That is a precious memory for both of your girls now and such a precious story for us to share in. Blessings to you dear Kami. xx