Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quick but fun Visit!

 Had such a great time with my sister and her family!
 Just like the last visit, Time went by too quick, but we squeezed in as much as possible!  First, it was a quick trip to show them our church building.  They were so encouraging and excited!  We loved it!  Then, we showed them our beautiful High Springs.  It just happened to be the day of the Farmer's Market.  We strolled along for a few minutes, then Ty asked, "Do you live in a desert?"  It was so hot!!!!

 Then, we headed back to our house for lots of playing, games, cooking, laughing....we had such a great time!  The 5 younger ran, played in the dirt, on the zipline, and loved all the cousin time.

 We introduced them to a fun, family game, Mr. X.  I think they are hooked now!  Through the years we have played many games with them!

 When it was time for them to leave, Micah cried.  He wasn't ready for them to go.

21 and 22 years ago we were each others Maids of Honor.  Now our families have grown and we live further apart.  We don't have as much time together. But, I'm thankful for sweet memories and sweet visits.  We're already planning the next visit with a quick stop at Bev's Better Burgers!! :o)


  1. Such beautiful families you both have and how wonderful to have a wonderful sister. I always treasure visits with extended family members so I'm sure your children do too. I hope next time you go to High Springs you will bring back some photos for your post :-) Have a wonderful, blessed week dear Kami. xx