Saturday, June 27, 2015

Happy 19th Birthday Joshua!

 Today, my Joshua turns 19.  Wow.  That's old!  He was such a cute little baby!
 He was such a smiley, content and active little baby and boy.  I loved taking him everywhere and have people ooh and aah over him.

 He's grown into a fine young man (I actually almost typed boy.  I don't know if that will ever change!)  He came home from Golden State Baptist College after one semester with a clear leading from the Lord that he needing to be helping us here.  I'm so glad God moved on his heart!  We sure did need him!  With starting the church and the renovations that had to take place before opening day, Joshua has been a true God send in every sense of the word!

He is now taking correspondence classes and is on a fast track to obtaining his degree.  He also has a job at the local hardware store. He has been able to witness there and be a great testimony for the Lord!  He is also Patrick's right hand man at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church.  He leads singing, preaches in Junior Church, sings many specials, works on the website and bulletins and does anything that we need him to do.  What a blessing!

 Today, he woke up to a breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits, one of his favorites.  Then, it was present time!

 Silas was excited to pick out Warhead FunDip for Josh's gift.  He insisted he try it right then!

 Silas was pretty proud that it was pretty sour!

 Many precious memories with my precious family. Time is passing quickly, but this Momma sure is enjoying every minute!!


  1. What a precious family you have. Josh has grown into a very fine young man. Happy birthday to him and may he have a fantastic year ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday, Josh! I want my boy to turn out like you someday loving the Lord. Thank you for the example you are.