Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stay in the Moment

I've been thinking much on the things that I want to teach my girls in the Preparing Her for Him series.  My mind has been reflecting back to when I was first married.  What wonderful moments in my life! We made so many wonderful memories as we learned how to be husband and wife. I realize some of the joys and struggles I faced will be similar to the things my girls will face.  But yet, there are many more they will experience that I never had to even think about it.

Just think.  20 years ago we didn't have a cell phone.  No computer.  No tablet.  No internet access 24/7.  No internet!  No Netflix.  No Youtube.....I really could go on and on.  Am I against those things?  Am I someone who doesn't  want to accept the new technology that's happening all around me?  Goodness, no!  I mean....I do have a blog! :o)  I realize the benefits they will have because of the age they live in.  What a convenience it would have been for me to be able to:

~Look up a recipe on my phone, and not have to run to the library and hope they have a book with a particular dish I was trying to make!
~Find directions to the nearest Pei Wei (and sadly realize that there isn't one around here)
~Send your sisters a message or silly emoticon at any moment of the day and not have to pay 10 cents a minute to talk to them.
~Read other blogs and glean encouragement from them.
There are many benefits!

But, with those benefits are also risks.  I saw a commercial yesterday for a TV channel.  They said, "You can watch us anywhere and anytime!"  It made me wonder if that's really a good thing.  We have to be careful.

My Dear Girls,

You are growing up in an amazing time!  There are so many things at your fingertips to make things easier....but I want you to be careful.  It can be so easy to be caught up with the many "screens" at your fingertips, that people end up taking 2nd place.  People.  Don't forget the people in your life.

  The struggle to stay in the moment can be difficult.  Maybe even more so for women.  Maybe even more than that for Stay at Home Mommas.  One of Satan's tactics is to keep us so focused on "screens" that we don't see the needs of those around us such as the lost, your little ones and the one God created you for.

 Here are a few ideas that could help you to stay in the moment:

~Appoint a Time.  It's easy for precious minutes to turn into wasted hours when we don't set limits.  Decide what is an appropriate amount of time and stick to it.

~Your "Free Time" doesn't always have to be "Screen Time"  If you find that in every free moment you have that you are scrolling through the lives and thoughts of others, then you know you're wasting the precious time God has given you.

~Stay in touch with others, but don't use Social Media (or texting) for the only way to communicate.  It should not be your primary form of communication.  Giving someone a few minutes of your face to face time is precious, and they will appreciate you for it.  If face to face time isn't possible, think of a phone call or even a letter.  Social Media has it's place, just don't make it the only way you communicate with others.  That doesn't build true friendships.

~Be in the room with the ones in the room.  It's never polite to scroll through your phone or google something when you could be visiting with those around you.

As I write this to you, there are many new things occurring in technology.  Internet access can be obtained on your watch and even in the lens of you glasses.  Wow!  That's pretty cool!  And pretty scary.  

Remember, your time, as well as other's time, is precious.  The Bible says it's like a vapor.  Poof and it's gone.  Don't waste those moments God has given you.  Stay in the Moment. 

With Much Love,


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  1. Excellent advice. Personally these days I find people are not "present". When they are with you they are busy scrolling through phones. In more recent times, they were answering cell phones calls when they had an "appointment" with you. When I'm with those I love best, I can gently remind them to put away the phone for a few moments but I can't do that with others. You are wisely teaching your children the value of face time. As my African friends like to tell me "presence" is so important. Hugs. xx