Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Big Shoals State Park

We had such a wonderful adventure at a new park today!  We traveled about 50 minutes to Big Shoal State Park in White Springs.  We loved it!  This park is known for being the white water rapids of Florida.

There was such a beautiful view of the Suwanee River!! Gorgeous!

We didn't hike to the rapids part of the river, we took the Long Branch trail.  It is a 2.4 mile trail that goes along the Suwanee River for a small portion of the hike.  The rest of the hike is through the Big Shoals Forest.

As usual, alligator warning signs can be seen in this park!

There was a canoe launch at the  beginning of the trail.  I'd love to come back with some canoes or kayaks!

After the first 1/2 mile the trail became very buggy.  Of all days, we picked a day where the heat index was over 100.  Even in the shade we were dripping with sweat!  Wow, it was hot!

We were a little concerned with the "Bridge Ahead Use Caution" Sign.

But, even after lots of rain lately, the creek was dry and the bridge rickety.

Beautiful Florida!

We hiked and hiked and sweated a ton.  I started telling the kids, "Look for the halfway marker!"  We stopped for water breaks, but still no sign of the halfway!  Then, we spotted it....the 1 mile marker.  What?  We weren't even halfway!

We didn't see much wildlife on this hike.  Just lots of these whitish colored centipede looking bugs.  I need to do some research and find out what kind they are.

Then, we made it to the end.  We were hot and sweaty, but it was fun!  Callie said a bug flew in her mouth the moment I said "Cheese"  I told you it was buggy!!


  1. Fun memories!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It seems quite hot where you are. I hope you can all stay cool :-)