Monday, June 17, 2019

He knows our desires!

I love when God just proves himself real to my children.  It's so amazing as I see their eyes light up that God knows their desires and loves them so very much!  We had one of those moments yesterday!  But to tell you the story I need to back up a bit...

Joshua likes to tell of when he was younger we forced him to eat a bunch of butter beans.  The story actually happened a little different than he likes to tell it though.  I made a pot of butter beans and gave each of our children a small helping to try.  Our 11 year old Joshua didn't really want to try them, but when he finally did he decided he didn't like them before he even tried. He was convinced each bean was filled with butter. So, I told him he had to eat them all....which was a tiny amount to begin with.  Anyway, that was one of those parenting moments when Joshua and I went head to head.  Looking back we both laugh on it.  I was determined he was going to eat the beans....he was determined not to.  Can't remember who won the battle, all we know is Joshua says he still doesn't like butter beans  (which I still don't believe him. :o) )

My three little ones have heard that story told before and Friday Callie came to me and asked if I would buy butter beans next time I go to the store because she would like to try them.  ( I don't think I've bought them since Josh was 11!!)

Sunday at church someone wanted to give us some groceries from their pantry since they are moving to a new place.  What a blessing!  We were so excited to show Callie what was in one of those bags...BUTTER BEANS!

God knows our desires and He is such a wonderful heavenly Father that wants to meet those desires.  Even the things that others think are silly or minor.  He wants to be our everything, if we let Him!

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  1. What a sweet story. I have always loved it when God meets my very small desires because it's then I can really sense his love for me that he would care about such small things. I'm sure Callie was very blessed in receiving those beans :-)