Saturday, June 29, 2019

Surprise for Joshua!

My wonderful son, Joshua turned 23 just a few days ago!  23!  A few weeks before Tabitha asked if she could have a small surprise party for him at our house.  Sure!  Parties at my house anytime!
So, she took him out on a scavenger hunt, and some of his friends arrived.  The kids had fun hiding while waiting for him to come in.

 Surprise Josh!  Happy Birthday!  We love you!

Patrick decided to contact some of his "Heroes of the Faith" and ask if they would send either a voicemail birthday message, or send a video saying Happy Birthday.  It was so sweet. All of them responded immediately and sent Joshua a wonderful message. We heard messages from Bob Gray II, Kerry Nance, Dave Sommerdorf, Cameron Giovanelli, Kurt Skelly and Scott Caudill. We played it on our TV so everyone could see.  It was really cool!  So thankful for the Godly Preachers God has put in Joshua's path that he looks up to!  So awesome!

 Then, after the video, he listened to birthday greetings from Pastor Strange and Bro. Nye.

I was so glad that Joshua and Tabitha's friends, The Stanleys, from Jacksonville could come over and join in on the fun.  What a great couple they are! And their baby girl is so adorable!

Tabitha made him an amazing oreo dessert.  It was soooo yummy!

Liberty loves party time....or should I say party food!

Patrick arranged a family feud game, girls vs boys.  It was so fun!  Of course, the girls were very thoughtful and let the birthday boy's team win.  How sweet!

It was a great party!


  1. Happy Birthday to your young son Josh! I'm glad he had such a great party. He is a young man but has already accomplished so much and for the glory of God. May he continue to be blessed and his young family. xx

  2. Happy Birthday Joshua!
    Liberty looks a lot like Brenna :)