Sunday, June 2, 2019


At about 26 weeks, our Tabitha began having contractions.  They would be off and on, strong and not so strong, sometimes consistent, sometimes was an uncomfortable pregnancy for her!  So when we all made predictions of when baby Freedom would come, we all picked dates near the beginning of May, even though her due date was May 24th.

We were all super surprised her due date came and went, and still no baby.
We had Tabitha sweep, since that's what happened when my water broke....still no baby.

We enjoyed family meals and had company over.
She put up with many jokes about her cute pregnant belly....still no baby.

She walked bunches.....still no baby!

Then, Friday night, Josh came over walking quickly.  He had Liberty and her diaper bag.  He asked if we were ready to watch her and we knew what that meant!  Yay! Labor had officially started!!

We spent lots of time hanging out on the front porch.  We might have stared at their camper a few times. :o)
We tried working on a puzzle. 
We were dying to know how things were going and were so ready to meet our Freedom Joy!


  1. Oh the anticipation. How exciting. so glad all went well:-)

  2. Yay! Looking forward to hearing more info!!