Monday, July 29, 2019

2 Weeks of Summer Camp!

Camp season for VSIBC is officially over.  It's been great!  So thankful for the decisions made by our teens and Juniors!  The first week they attended Crossroads Baptist Camp in Georgia.  Southside Baptist Church from Tampa hosts the camp and does a wonderful job!

This year, since Freedom is still so young, and Tabitha wasn't able to go, Beth was the girls' counselor.  She loved it!  The girls told me that she balanced being counselor and friend very well!  Joshua was the teen guy counselor and did a great job, too!

They had "heart check" time after every evening service where they talked about what the Lord did in their hearts and decisions that they made for Him!  That's what it's all about!

They said the food was amazing.  Not the usual for summer camp!
And the games were tons of fun.  They had these kids going and busy!

Jason Gaddis from Southwood Baptist Church was the preacher for the week.  They said the preaching was awesome!

Then, the next week it was Junior Camp.  Brenna was the counselor for the girls and loved her time with these special young ladies! Joshua was the counselor for the guys.  Going to camp back to back was quite hectic, but my Joshua did amazing and was a wonderful example and leader for the young people of VSIBC! Silas and Callie were so excited about camp!

They had tons of games and just like the teens, they kept these juniors busy!

So thankful for the friendships they formed.  God is so good!

Our campers did great memorizing Bible verses.  Callie won the runner up Timothy award for saying the 2nd most verses in the camp.  Way to go, Callie!!

But the greatest thing about the camp was the preaching.  Hearing decisions that my children made for the Lord is such a blessing!
So camp season is over.  It's the final few weeks of summer.  God has been so good to us!!


  1. So great to see God work!! Great job Callie!!!

  2. Summer Bible is always awesome and makes such a wonderful impact on young people. May they continue to be blessed and touched by the Holy Spirit as they return home from camp and reengage with the world. May God also bless the camp counsellors,teachers and preachers.

  3. It looks like they had so much fun! Camp is such a blessing. Seth and Brina are at MK Kamp this week, and I am praying that God will use it to draw them closer to Himself.