Monday, July 1, 2019

My Beautiful Beth

My beautiful, thoughtful Elisabeth.  She turned 21 a few months ago and is blossoming into adulthood.

 I heard a great message the other day, and the preacher briefly touched on adult children.  In that message God gave me a direct answer to pray on being a good Momma to adult children.  Since then, I've been gathering thoughts for a post on parenting adult children.  Your job isn't done!  But, it does change a good bit.  A whole lot!  But, I am loving this journey in motherhood!

 My Beth is so diligent.  I know I've said that before.  She is a wonderful church secretary and makes sure things are done in a timely manner.  She takes her ministry seriously and has relieved a big load off of my preacher hubby.

She is often our behind the scenes girl accomplishing much for Jesus.  She keeps things going that's for sure!  She would never seek glory for herself. And is very humble.

I love her heart for the Lord.  She is teaching me so much!

I love you my girl and am so thankful for you!  Of course, photo credits go to Brenna. :o)

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  1. Beautiful photos by Brenna of your beautiful Elizabeth. I love Elizabeth's sweet, humble spirit and her love for the Lord in all she does. May God continue to bless and keep her as the days and years go by.