Thursday, July 25, 2019

One more month. Really?

We are now on the final stretch of summer.  We have one more month until we start school.  My start date is August 26th this year.  One month away!  Whew, it by too fast!  So, I have set some goals for our last month of our summer 2019.

~Go to at least 2 state parks.  We didn't get as many in this summer as I had hoped.  It has been so hot!  But, now is the time to squeeze some park time in!

~Junior Camp. As I type Silas and Callie are off to Junior Camp and are having so much fun!

~Daily reading with Micah.  My Micah is entering 2nd grade this year!  Wow!  I want to make sure and keep his reading skills up.  So, we've picked out some fun books for him to read to me everyday.

 ~Shore up some things around our home.  I've been on a minimalist kick lately.  I've noticed that the more we minimalize things in our home, the more free time we seem to have!  It's been awesome!  So I'm wanting to get some things accomplished and in order around the house before school starts.  I'm especially going to attacking our laundry system.

~Family Vacation.  I'm not sure how this one will work out.  It might be more of a staycation type of year.  Either way I want to devote a few days to pure family fun!  And sneak in a trip the beach, too!

~Order School.  I think that's a given! :o)

~Listen to 1 extra preaching a week.  My older kiddos love to listen to preaching.  I want to make sure I'm developing a love for that in my younger 3.  We love to watch messages together and I want to make sure and fit in at least one extra message for us to watch each week of our summer.

~Pool time galore!  Need I say more?

~Sew time.  My sewing time hasn't quite happened this summer like I thought. I hope to squeeze in some sewing time soon.

~Yard work.  We need to desperately spend a day cleaning up and sprucing up!

~Trip to Fort Myers.  My hubby will be preaching at Winkler Road Baptist Church for Tuesday Nights of Great Preaching on the 20th of August.  I always love going to WRBC!

~Football party.  The season is almost here!  We always kick off the preseason with lots of hoopla and food!  This year will be no different!

One month left! It's going to be great!!!

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  1. You've got a busy month ahead. I don't know how you do it all. As for me I'm also on a minimalist kick though once I'm done I'm sure I'll be far from a minimalist. But oh it feels so good to get rid of things that add to clutter. I've been plugging away for a good long while but this month and next the big push is on. All the best to you and your family in the month ahead. xx