Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Where is that journal from??

Some have asked where my friend bought me the personalized journal from. She bought it from Paper Sunday.  And I really love it! 

Now the real question should I use it? Have you ever had a journal that you love so much that you don't want to write in?  Yup,  I'm there.  I already have a journal I use for preaching notes and ideas for Sunday School and ladies meetings.  I have a prayer journal.  I have a planning journal. I told you I love journals!  Would love to hear feedback of how you use journals and suggestions on how to use mine!


  1. I have one for each of my children that I occasionally write them letters in or tell little things they said or did or why I am proud of them, my prayers for them, etc. My goal is that the journals will be full by the time they leave my home and I will give them their journal to take with them.

  2. I do love journals and pretty paper and have the same problem of not wanting to write in it. Eventually I do though and I've used journals for everything from keeping important notes when I make phone calls, seminars I attend, Bible reading notes and shopping lists.I'm still and paper kind of gal. Since you already have several journals how about a journal for creating. I know you like to make quilts and other things. You could keep a record of your project ideas, the things you need to buy, issues or thoughts as you undertake the project and so on. You can also doodle along the sides with nice coloured pens as you make your notes. Let us know what you decide.

  3. I have one journal that has seen use through some of the most desperate times. It’s a journey to flip back through the pages, see a verse or intense prayer from a truly awful time, and remember how God worked and solved the problem in His time!