Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Fun!

It happens every year...I always seem to have to throw bunches of Christmas fun into one post.  So, here we go! :o)
I was so excited that my sister and brother in law came for a visit.  We laughed and talked and I enjoyed every second!  I sure have missed my sister and having her come for a visit is definitely a cherished memory!  Liberty really loved her Aunt Keela and Uncle William.  She was quite entertaining!

Not thanksgiving.  Not Christmas.  But, just because we had an extra turkey in the freezer.  And because my husband looks so cute in my apron.  :o)

My Mom has a big family Christmas Party every year.  We usually don't get to make it because things are so busy with Christmas Festivities up here 5 hours north.  My sisters and Mom decided to send us gifts so that we could participate in the gift exchange, too.  That was so sweet of them!  We had fun stealing and laughing...and getting some pretty good gifts!

Lots of Christmas baking and goodies.

Okay, I should say too much baking and goodies!  December 26th starts a diet for me!

So excited for a little bit of a Christmas break from school!!

The minute break begins, they run outside to play!

The Christmas Store at VSIBC is always a hit!  The kids earn Victory Bucks all month long.  Then, they get to spend it in a store that we set up in a Sunday School room.  The people of our church brought so many wonderful gifts for the kids to buy!!

Callie was excited that this year for our Ladies Christmas party, all the girls were invited.  She loved it!  We called our party Ladies Christmas Extravaganza!  We traveled to three homes, sang carols along the way, looked at the pretty decorations, played games, and had a devotion.  We laughed so much!  I love how the ladies of VSIBC love to be together!  It really does show the strength of the church when people want to get together and fellowship!

Our Christmas party at VSIBC is always anticipated.  We chose to do a gingerbread theme this year.  The teenagers helped me make candy.  See it hanging from the ceiling? Then, some of the ladies made the lollipops for the tables.  Aren't they adorable?  We used wrapping paper to create a festive table.  It all turned out so good!

We had a gingerbread competition at the party.  The 20s-40s age group won!  Yay!

and more baking time!

Christmas is always so fun around here.  I love this season!

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  1. You certainly have had a busy few weeks. I don't know how you do it all but I'm glad it is all so much fun ♥ Merry Christmas to you all.