Monday, December 30, 2019

The President's List

I'm so proud of my Brenna.  God has given her many wonderful gifts. Of course music is one of them.  She plays so beautifully and is such a blessing to our church.  She has such talent.

The other is her gift of being a wonderful student.  She loves college.  And does so well at it!  She is enjoying being an online student at Veritas Baptist College. She is so organized in her studies and does great work.  She is majoring in Elementary Education and is amazing with children!

This last semester she had a very heavy load of classes.  She prayerfully considered whether she should take that many classes since she also works very hard in the ministries at VSIBC.  She decided to go for it since it is her goal to graduate in May 2021.  (One semester she was part time, so that left her with a little to catch up.)

She studied and worked hard, all the while balancing the music ministry, teaching Sunday School, working in the bus ministry, volunteering at High Springs Community School and tutoring a kindergartner once a week.  Whew!  That made me tired just typing all of that out!

We were so happy to learn that she made the President's List!  Way to go Brenna!  This honor is for full time students that have a GPA of at least 3.75.  That's tough!  But, she did it and we are so proud of  our girl! (Can you tell? :o) )