Monday, December 9, 2019

Flocking our little trees

Last year I had so much flocking our Christmas Tree.  My family was so patient to wait and decorate an hour or so later while I flocked the tree and let it dry.  I used flocking spray.  It turned out so pretty! was quite annoying because it never fully dried and kept coming off on all the ornaments. 

So, I looked for a new method and wanted to try this one I found on Youtube.
The only problem?  Drying time is 4 hours!! I knew that was too long to ask my family to wait.

  So, we came up with an alternative.  I picked up these trees at a thrift store several years ago.  They have been used a bunch!  I usually have them on the porch, but last year I also used them for our "Twain" theme at church.  I decided I would just flock them and if it didn't turn out, then they could be retired.

The cool part is that the ingredients can be found at dollar tree!  Win win!

It was fun painting the snow on the tree.  Very fun!  I'm ready to flock everything!

The trees turned out so pretty.  I love having lots of Christmas lights in my house.  So, this was perfect!  I love fun, inexpensive projects like this!


  1. The tree looks great! Even better it is small and fits into a s mall space. Do you have battery operated lights on this one?

    1. No, they are conveniently located near an outlet. :o)

    2. That's good. I discovered when I moved a bookshelf that I blocked up an outlet I only use at Christmas. I had to buy some battery powered lights.