Monday, December 23, 2019

Happy 2nd Birthday Liberty!

 Our sweet Liberty Anne turned two last week!  Oh how much joy this little girl brings to our family!!
We never realized the joy of being "Lollipops!"

This spunky girl loves to laugh and giggle.  I love it when she covers her mouth as she laughs.  Her eyes just shine! She loves her sweet tea and most any kind of snack.  She's a foodie like me! :o)  She loves to sing and loves her family.  Oh how blessed we are!

She was excited to have her cake and blow out her candle.  What 2 year old can do that?  I was quite proud!

Then, Josh took the cake away so he could cut it.  She didn't quite understand.

This girl is LOVED by her Lollipops!

And then, the cake came again.  And this time with vanilla ice cream!  Yay!

Happy Birthday Liberty!  Lollipops loved you!  We pray everyday that you will see your need of our Savior at a young age.  We pray that you will live for the Lord in a way that honors Him.  It's a joy to serve Jesus and live for Him!

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